Planty 4 Planet! Food that makes you happy!

Great taste & Great for the planet!

The Planty Story

I am in the food & beverage industry for nearly 25 years now. Over the years I grew increasingly interested in functionality of food last but not least for my own life-style. I always enjoyed good food and drinks.

Realising that the effects of nutrition is a growing concern for many people, I started with an old school-mate of mine LOCABA. A bakery line of low-carb, sugar free, gluten-free desserts and in line with Keto diet. The success was overwhelming for all of us. Even more surprising was the strong response for LOCABA’s vegan offering and vegan events we organised where foodies with dietary preferences can meet and exchange their experiences.

Having experimented with plant based nutrition myself and always having sustainability in the back of my mind, we decided to create a new line of great tasting, comfort food products, all entirely plant based. 

To give everybody, carnivores and vegans a like, a choice for fantastic plant based food (and drinks!). 

Bon appetit!

Martin Bém